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So, why do players touch the table when playing table tennis?

Professional players are very likely to wipe their hands near the net. Here is a short explanation of the reason behind table-touching.

Players touch the table for a variety of reasons, and here are just a few:

Why Do Table Tennis Players Touch The Table

All The Beginners know this Professional way That, Why Do Table Tennis Players Touch The Table Between Points

To Wipe Their Sweaty Hands

Most of the players use the table to wipe their hands.

Instead of using a towel every sixth point, this is done on a table. Additionally, it can be a habit, a way to waste some time or psyche your opponent.

The psyching part is multiplied after players wipe their hands on the table.

It’s a dirty tactic that many semi-professionals use, but it’s rather silly to scream and psyche while playing.

Only Use A Towel After Every 6 Points

Sweaty hands are the top reason for table tennis players wiping their hands on the table.

Sweating tends to make the grip worse, so wiping it off in between points can be helpful.

These players tend to wipe their hands more often because they sweat more from their hands than others.

Why Do Players Wipe Their Hands On The Table?

Source: Ping Pong Guide

It’s just a habit. Some players wipe their hands on their shorts or shirts rather than the table, but this is less noticeable.

You’d be surprised how often this happens during ping pong games compared to table-wiping.

In particular, table tennis is a game littered with strange acts and unwritten rules, as explained previously.

Just another example is wiping your hand on the table in between points.


Many players wipe their hands on the table as a habit.

Some players bounce the ball before serving, others do it on the ground, and some wipe their hands on the table.

It is a sport with many strange habits. Players often stomp their feet when playing, shout after points, and apologize after edge balls.

This culture of unwritten rules and habits has no real explanation; it’s just a part of table tennis.

Waste Of Time

To waste time, players wipe their hands on the table.

This can be caused by fatigue, boredom, or slowing down the game.

However, as the stakes rise and the heat rises during an intense point.

As the rally drags on, players are bound to get nervous. Especially when you’re nervous, your hands tend to sweat more, which is why players wipe their hands on the table afterward.

They want to cool off, forget about the game, and get some focus back.

Source: Sports Lumo

Psyching Up The Opponent

It’s not unusual for people to psyche out in sports, but it’s especially common in table tennis.

It is common for players to do whatever they can to psyche up their opponents, such as wiping their hands on the table and masking time.

As well as wiping their hands between points, players typically stomp their feet, make faces, and scream after points to psyche their opponents.


In between points, some players touch the table with their hands.

The player has usually been pushed away from the table after a long rally in this situation.

It is merely a measurement of how far away they are from the table.

In doing this, the player ensures that their stance and position are correct between each point.


The sport of table tennis is filled with unwritten rules and strange customs. It has become a tradition to wipe your hands on the table. Beginners may have trouble understanding this, but many people imitate others after a while. Competitors have all kinds of weird tricks and habits, as anyone who has played competitively knows.

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