What Ping Pong Paddles Are Used In Olympics? – Complete Buyer Guide In 2023

You should use an approved ping pong ping paddle if you want to play like a professional or against the professionals. Be sure you look out for ITTF approved designs from brands that have been certified by the federation.

Here are the best ping pong paddles that have been approved by the ITTF and are used in the Olympics games.

  1. DHS HURRICANE-II Tournament Ping Pong Paddle
  2. STIGA Tournament-Quality Titan Table Tennis Racket
  3. Butterfly Zhang Jike Box Set Shakehand Table Tennis Racket
  4. Butterfly Zhang Jike ZLC Blade & Tenergy 64 Rubber Shakehand Table Tennis Racket
  5. Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Blade & Tenergy 05 Rubber Shakehand Table Tennis Racket
  6. Elite Topspin Ping Pong Paddle Set – Professional 4-Player Table Tennis Racket
  7. NuLandings Ping Pong Paddle Set
  8. Palio Master 2.0 Table Tennis Racket & Case – ITTF Approved
  9. STIGA Pro Carbon Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket
  10. Killerspin Jet800 SPEED N2 Ping Pong Paddle with Storage Case

For the blade and handle used in the Olympics, the ITTF permits several types of wood.

However, a few sports blades are constructed from composite materials such as carbon fiber, and these are permitted in the Olympics as well.

The best ping pong paddles must have specific features, dimensions, and high-quality materials to distinguish themselves among other blades.

These woods are used for most wooden blades that follow ITTF standards.

Other types of wood may also be used, but as long as they meet ITTF standards, this is not an all-inclusive list.

What Ping Pong Paddles Are Used In Olympics

Primarily these woods are used to make the Ping Pong Paddle:

  1. Balsa
  2. Limba
  3. Cypress

The ITTF permits players to choose paddles with various rubber materials on both sides of the racket in the Olympic games as long as the rubber meets their regulations.

The ITTF sets precise measurements for the Olympic games to specify the thickness of the rubber used for the paddles.

Nevertheless, these parameters enable players to modify their rubber’s thickness to obtain better results at the table by adding or subtracting a few millimeters.

The grip of your racket should be constructed to prevent this humiliating experience during the Olympic games.

While some paddles are designed with handles constructed of tacky rubber-like material to enhance grip, you can also buy and install grip tapes to increase stability.

In addition to the grip tape options provided to you, the ITTF has regulations for the paddle grip used in the Olympics, so be sure to keep them in mind when choosing your grip tape.

As far as handle shapes go, there are three types: straight handles, flared handles, and anatomical handles.

As the name indicates, straight handles maintain the same width across their length.

However, a flared handle creates a subtle A-line shape when it approaches the handle’s end.

Anatomical handles are the most uncommon type of handle.

The curved shape is created to match the shape of your fingers and palm as you hold the racket.

A handle like this is made to enhance grip stability and comfort.

It is impossible to select only one type of handle for professional table tennis, and many of these can be used simultaneously.

You should select the right one for your playing style according to your preferences.

History Of Ping Pong In Olympics

The Summer Olympic Games encompass a variety of sports, including table tennis.

Source: qz

The first Olympics with women and men playing singles and doubles were held in Seoul, South Korea, in 1988.

There were no doubles events in the 2008 Summer Olympics program; instead, there were team events.

In 1932, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) took action to make table tennis an Olympic sport, and this was incorporated into the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Despite this, it never happened.

After Yugoslavia and Japan proposed including table tennis events in the Olympic Games of 1940, Hungary and Germany endorsed the proposal.

It was discussed at the 1954 ITTF annual meeting whether table tennis should be included in the Olympics.

As part of its proposal to reconsider its affiliation with the International Olympic Committee (1OC), the French Association requested more information in 1967.

A definition of amateur and professional status was incorporated into the ITTF constitution in 1981, thus enabling table tennis to be included in the Olympic Games.

However, even though table tennis was never a demonstration sport at the Olympics, discussions in 1985 about table tennis making its Olympic debut in Seoul in 1988.

The Olympic table tennis journey began…

Types Of Ping Pong Paddles

Source: racquetsedge

A decent bat for beginners should be affordable, but it should also be reliable to improve their game and become better players.

It should also be well-balanced.

1. A Decent Bat For Beginners Should Have:

  • lightweight, 5-ply wood blade.
  • Rubber that provides maximum control, low spin.
  • Easy-grip handles for better forehand control.

It is generally considered that a quality beginner’s bat shouldn’t cost more than $50.

When you play in a league, always choose a paddle that’s ITTF approved.

2. Top Beginner Bats

Timo Boll’s entry-level racket from Butterfly is the 1000, featuring a 5-ply hardwood blade, a soft rubber handle (1.5mm), and a flared handle that makes it easier for you to hold and shoot more accurately.

Butterfly also makes a 2000- and 3000-level model as well, so that you can progress up to the next level.

  1. STIGA Titan Table Tennis Paddle
  2. Timo Boll racket from Butterfly

3. Paddles For Advanced Ping Pong Players

A better equipped racket for tournament play is a must for advanced and professional Table Tennis Players, along with a more expensive budget.

Bats that provide exceptional spin and rapid speed are usually sought after by experienced players.

  • Top professional table tennis racket: Killerspin Jet 800

This paddle is designed for spinning, as you can guess from its name.

The rubber is Nitrx-4Z professional grade.

Because of its 7-ply construction (in which two composite carbon layers are layered between five wood layers), it is suitable for an aggressive playing style.

Does A Ping Pong Paddle Make A Difference?

A paddle’s blade impacts its power rating the most out of its parts. A lighter, more rigid paddle is more effective at attacking, while a heavier paddle made from softer material is If you like to play high-speed games, you should look for a blade with at least five layers.

You want a blade that features stiff yet lightweight carbon fiber or titanium carbon for your playstyle.

All-wood blades are best for defense players who want to retain the ball’s energy and slow down the game to match their style.

You can switch the colors on your Ping Pong Paddle so that you can use a separate color for each part of your paddle.

You are responsible for making the decision. Make sure your colors will look good.

Furthermore, standard paddles do not differ from one another.

In The Olympics, Are The Player’s Paddle Provided By The ITTF?

In the Olympics, the ITTF does not supply the players’ paddles. Players are only allowed to use paddles that meet ITTF standards.

These paddles can only be used at tournaments and in professional competitions.

Based on the player’s grip, players use a wooden racket coated with rubber on one or both sides.

Racket is the term used by the ITTF, though “bat” is more common in Britain and “paddle” in the United States and Canada.

According to the table tennis rules, each side of the racket can have a different rubber surface.

Sometimes, certain types of surfaces nullify spin, while others provide varying levels of spin or speed.

There may be rubbers on one side of a player’s racket that provide much spin, and there may be rubbers that provide no spin on the other.

Different types of returns can be achieved by flipping the racket in play.


Having a paddle suitable for an official tournament can help level the playing field and let you compete with the pros.

The paddles we listed in this article are excellent choices and should be called some of the best professional ping pong paddles.

If you’re willing to spend a little more on your racket, this premium design will make every stroke a winner.

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