Amazing 15 Tips To Become A Better Table Tennis Player Today

This is the right place for beginners if they are looking for Amazing Tips To Become A Better Table Tennis Player

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of our best table tennis tips, tricks, and strategies.

Additionally, we’ve included some advice for intermediate players.

Tips To Become A Better Table Tennis Player

Follow These Super Easy & Amazing Tips to Become A Better Table Tennis Player In 2022

1. Get A Good Paddle

The importance of owning your paddle is not getting a cheap one from the toy shop. If you take table tennis seriously, investing in a paddle should be your first step.

You should only use this racket to become familiarized with it, so you can practice controlling the Ping Pong Ball and hitting it to specific parts of the tabletop.

2. Make Sure You Hold Your Paddle Correctly

We will now discuss how to hold a table tennis racket correctly. The shakehand grip is generally recommended for beginners, but several different ways to grip your bat.


When you’re young, it’s important to hold it correctly so you don’t develop bad habits that will hinder your development later.

3. Learn How To Serve

To play table tennis well, you need to learn how to serve.

You are in complete control of where the ball goes, and it is one of the easiest ways to win points.

You don’t need to learn multiple ping pong serves as a beginner. Just focus on one and become proficient at it.

Having a good understanding of serving legally is also important, as many rules surround it.

Ensure that you throw the ball at least six inches from your open palm and that you do not cover the ball with any part of your body.

4. Develop Your Forehand And Backhand Strokes

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As soon as you have mastered serving and hitting the ball where you want it to go, another tip we recommend is attempting to master the four basic table tennis strokes:

  1. Forehand Drive
  2. Backhand Drive
  3. Forehand Push
  4. Backhand Push

Every table tennis player must master these forehand and backhand strokes to succeed.

5. Get Warmed Up Before You Play

Most people do not associate table tennis games with being physically demanding or players exerting themselves excessively during rallies.

You’ll quickly change your mind when you’ve seen a competitive game.

You can get injured very easily when you change the game’s pace or switch weights and stretches.

To avoid getting injured and to be able to move fully during your game, you must warm-up before you play.

6. Don’t Be Inconsistent

Consistency is key for winning games, and unforced errors can often mean the difference between winning and losing.

When you practice, you might consistently make a shot, but the pressure can alter your mentality and cause you to lose your focus when you start keeping score.

Try to focus on each ball one by one when you’re playing a match as if it was the only ball in the match. So, you’ll treat each point as if it were a match point.

7. Do Your Own Practice

As you will not always have a partner to play against, you will have to practice and train on your own to see real improvement in your game.

Make sure that each part of your game gets enough time in your practice routine.

8. Learn To Serve Multiple Purposes

To become an advanced player, you should add different types of serves to your repertoire.

A large variety of serves are available, both forehand and backhand, plus all the different types of spins that can keep your opponent guessing where the ping pong ball will go next.

You can easily score easy points with a well-timed variation on your usual service.

9. Get A Robot To Play Table Tennis

To follow up on tip number seven about practicing on your own, purchasing a table tennis robot is a great way to see real improvement fast.

]You may not know what they are, but they are machines that shoot a ball at you to mimic your opponent’s shot.

Source: lerablog

There are a variety of shapes, sizes, costs, and features, with some models sending topspin and backspin balls with routines.

To allow you to practice your forehand and backhand strokes simultaneously or to simulate playing with a real opponent.

The fastest way to go from novice to advanced is, without a doubt, this way.

10. Focus On Low And Deep Returns

During practice, you should focus on keeping your ball low over the net and deep into your opponent’s side.

The closer you get the ball to the net, the less angle they will have and the less likely they will generate power on the ball with their return shot.

Additionally, you want to aim for deep placement of the ball on the table. You keep your opponent on the defensive and limit their options when returning the ball.

11. Play Table Tennis With A Club

You can also improve your table tennis skills by joining a club and competing against as many different players as possible.

Getting ideas and tips from players who are better than you is a great way to improve your game.

In addition, you’ll meet people with similar interests and have a lot more fun.

12. Make Your Footwork Better

As you progress and play against players who are much better than you, you will need to think more and more about your footwork and how you use your feet.

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Professional table tennis players spend a lot of time practicing this to return a ball correctly.

Think about buying a pair of table tennis shoes as soon as you start taking your game seriously.

You will be able to move around the table quickly and safely since they’re designed for Table Tennis players.

You can practice and incorporate several footwork drills as part of your warm-up.

13. Analyze The Weaknesses Of Your Opponent

Finding your opponent’s weaknesses and exploiting them to gain an advantage is a huge part of developing advanced table tennis tactics.

If you observe their backhand keeps losing points at a certain spot, don’t be afraid to exploit it and play more shots into it.

14. Play With Your Opponent’s Emotions

Any sport allows you to gain an advantage over your opponent by deception, and table tennis is no exception.

During the service, you can deceive your opponent the most effectively.

Put a spin on the ball that they should not read or expect at the start of your service.

15. Understand How Your Opponent Serves

One final tip, but by no means the least, is to read your opponent’s serves when playing table tennis.

Source: live about

It is hard to predict what type of shot they will make, but try to decide what type of shot they will make.

It will be a lot easier for you to get the ball back over the net if you can read what spin they are putting on it, as well as roughly where they will serve.


Practice is the most important tip we discussed today.

The most important thing you can do is to focus on this. It is by far the thing that will produce the biggest improvement in the shortest amount of time.

Make sure you play every day.

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