How To Play Smash In Table Tennis – Complete Guide In 2023

Smashing is an advanced stroke in table tennis that takes time to master. But if you master the smash, you can get faster and better results from it.

Competitive games require more than just basic strokes, such as drives, pushes, chops, or loops.

The ability to smash will set you apart from other players. So, in this article, we will give you a simple guide on smash in table tennis, Forehand smash, and Backhand smash and the proper techniques to master these smashes.

How To Play Smash In Table Tennis

What Is Table Tennis Smash?

Table Tennis Smash

Smash in table tennis involves hitting a ball hard and fast. Your chances of getting your opponent’s ball back are reduced when you smash or at least your opponent is forced to return the ball in a weaker way when you smash in table tennis.

Nevertheless, mastering the technique may not be an easy task.

This guide, along with the constant practice, should help you achieve this goal.

How To Smash In Table Tennis?

How to smash in Table Tennis
  1. Different players have different smashing techniques. However, irrespective of your preference, the goal is to lob the ball as hard as possible to your opponent’s side of the table. Using your body mass to smash the in table tennis ball hard is a good way to increase power.
    Smashing is an effective method of returning a lob. You get a perfect smashing opportunity when your opponent hits the ball high above the net. Depending on your preference, you can either smash the ball back with a forehand or backhand.

Forehand Smash

  1. Due to the relatively straight positioning, many players find it easy to use forehand smash as a strategy. It is easy to use from your normal position.
  2. The biggest mistake that most learners make is assuming four-handed smashes are just about power, so they go all out.
  3. Smashing is more than just hitting the ball as hard as possible.
  4. Perfect timing, accuracy, and positioning are vital to hitting a ball correctly. When not executed correctly, the ball will always go missing from the table.

What Is The Technique Of Forehand Smash?

It is possible that you will need to play a Four Hand Smash again because your opponent may return it earlier than you expected. You would then keep smashing until you win.

The following steps can assist you in preparing for a forehand smash.

1. Position and backswing

2. Smashing

3. Follow-through

Position And Backswing

Positioning is key to the success of your forehand smash. You should position your body and feet correctly. And your stance should be sideways.
The right foot should be behind the left foot for right-handed players.

Despite maintaining the sideways position, left-handed players should keep their left foot behind them. In either case, make sure that you are resting your weight on your back feet.

You should position your racket high and directly behind the ball path.


  1. During the bounce of the ball off the table, you should shift your weight from your back foot to your front foot, allowing your body to move forward.
  2. In order to hit the ball, your rotation needs to be complete in that instant
  3. It is possible to Hit The Ball high, around your shoulders, or very low, around the net surface.
  4. When you do this, your opponent has fewer chances of returning the ball. But it can be challenging to master.


After smashing, you should return quickly with your front foot while standing upright. If you want to recover faster, do not swing the racket to the middle of the table.


Backhand Smash

  1. Backhand smash is less common than forehand smash because it requires more arm movement.
  2. Having experience with a four-handed smash can make the backhand drill a little easier.
  3. No matter what hand you have, you will be able to perform a forehand or backhand smash.

What is the technique of backhand smash?

1. Position and backswing

2. Smashing

3. Follow-through

Position And Backswing

Similar to the forehand smash, positioning matters in the backhand smash as well.

You should point both feet in the direction of your opponent. Make sure you put your weight on the back foot when you are prepared to smash the ball.

As well, you should keep your hand slightly higher so that you can forcefully hit the ball when you smash it.


It’s time to use your backhand this time. In order to hit the ball when you swing your hand and it hits the pass, you’ll have to bend your arm a little bit.

Along with your body weight, you must also give your wrist maximum strength.

Using backhand techniques may be difficult for you at first, but with constant practice, you will be able to master this skill.


The sooner you recover, the better prepared you will be for your opponent’s return.

You should not extend your arm too far towards the net so you can quickly return to the proper position.

How to Return Smash in Table Tennis?

  1. In addition to learning how to smash at high levels, you also need to practice your defence.
  2. So you can return smashes if your opponent smashes.
    It is called lobbying when you return the smash. This is an excellent way of defending.
  3. Your opponent will find it difficult to return the ball with continuous smashes if you return it high.
    If you are a right-handed player, your right foot should be behind your left foot, and if you are a left-handed player, vice versa
  4. If that is the case, your racket should be lowered, getting ready to get smashed.
    Make sure you lob the ball quickly and fast because the smash is fast
  5. You can expect everything to happen in seconds. The moment Smash bounces off the table, move quickly and hit the ball with your hands. Afterward, it will land on your opponent’s table.

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