What Are The Basic Rules Of Table Tennis? – Complete Guide

It might seem boring to read about Table Tennis Rules and Regulations, but it isn’t! Well.

I hope it won’t be boring.

We hope to end the numerous arguments that happen throughout the world every day by explaining the most important rules of table tennis in this post.

The purpose of this article is to expose any myths, legends, and made-up rules that often appear on tables across the world, whether you are an experienced player or just getting started.

Rules Of Table Tennis

The Myths Of Rules Of Table Tennis

The following are some reasons why some things you may hear are nonsense.

"In Table Tennis, Don't You Serve Diagonally."
Source: rookieroad.com

“In Table Tennis, Don’t You Serve Diagonally.”

No way, sir! If you are playing tennis, squash, or badminton, you should serve diagonally. If you are playing table tennis singles, you can serve anywhere.

Of course, if you have enough sidespin, you will also play off the sides of the table.

Serving in table tennis doubles requires you to serve diagonally, always to the opponent’s right-hand half.

“It Is My Point Because The Ball Hit You.

It’s a common refrain among students. If you throw a ball at me, but it doesn’t hit the table, then that’s a miss. It’s not dodgeball.

“I Thought You Were Supposed To Play Till 21?” “I Don’t Like Playing Until 11.”

The ITTF changed the scoring system back in 2001 from 21 to 11 points, as you know. Many older players would agree with you on this point. You might as well get used to it since the game will be up to 11.

“It Can’t Be Hit Around The Net.”

That’s not entirely true. You might have a hard time recovering. There is no problem with your opponent returning the ball around the net if you put the ball out wide.

You may even see the ball rolling on your side of the table without it bouncing! It happens very rarely.

The Rules of Table Tennis

I have summarized the official (and very long) Rules Of Table Tennis of the ITTF here. These should be enough to get you started playing.

Service Rule
Source: blog.playo.co

Service Rules

  1. The ball must be held in an open palm at the beginning of the service. If you throw the ball up, it won’t spin.
  2. It would be best to throw it vertically, at least 16 cm high. The goal is to prevent the opponent from being surprised by your first serve.
  3. Keep your ball above and behind the table when serving. As a result, you avoid getting silly angles and give your opponent a fair chance to return.
  4. When you toss the ball, don’t keep your hands or arms extended. You should remove your hands and arms so that the receiver can see the ball.
Double Rule
Source: wikihow.com

Doubles Rules

There must be a diagonal path from the server to the receiver, from the right-hand side of the server.

The opposing pair doesn’t have a chance to Hit The Ball before you get tangled up.
The balls have to be hit alternately in doubles.

That makes it an extremely challenging sport. Forget about frontcourt/backcourt tennis.

The previous receiver becomes the new server, and the previous server becomes the new receiver at service change.

This ensures that everyone does everything they are supposed to do. After eight points, you’re back to where you started.

Match Play In General

When you have served twice, your opponent has to serve twice. Before the change to 11, there were five serves each, but now there are only two.

The score is deuce at 10-10. A player must win by two clear points. Sudden death is the equivalent of a tiebreak in Table Tennis.

The ends must be changed after every game if you’re playing a set of 3, 5, or 7 rather than just one. That way, each player experiences both conditions.

The first player also changes ends when they reach five points in the final game.

You Lose A Point If

  1. You miss the service.
  2. You do not receive the service back.
  3. Shots go into the net.
  4. The ball leaves the table without coming into contact with the court.
  5. The table may be touched, the net may be touched, or a player may use their free hand to touch the table.

The Odd Rules Of Table Tennis: You will be shocked After Reading

  1. Table tennis has quite a few rules and regulations that you may be surprised to find out.
  2. It is okay to hit the ball twice accidentally.
  3. At international competitions, you can advertise on your shirt two times maximum.
  4. Any material can be used to make the table surface.
  5. There is no limitation in the rackets’ size, shape, or weight.
  6. Players in wheelchairs must play by ‘wheelchair rules’ against their opponents in able-bodied tournaments.

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