How To Properly Light A Table Tennis Room? – Complete Guide In 2023

The proper lighting in the table tennis room is essential for playing this fast and furious racket sport.

This fun activity will appeal to almost everyone if it is done in a bright area where players can see easily and you know how to properly light a table tennis room.

It is good to replace halogen bulbs, metal halides, fluorescent light fixtures, or high-pressure sodium flood lamps with LED lighting for ping pong rooms.

In this article I will guide you about properly lighting the table tennis room to enjoy the best game experience.

Let’s begin!

How To Properly Light A Table Tennis Room

LED lights vs Other Table Tennis Room Lighting

Energy conservation is a major issue in the future, given the emergence of global concerns about energy shortages.

The use of LED lighting products in the lighting field is attracting widespread attention.


LEDs are a new source of green light. They will likely be the development trend of the future.

Traditional lamps will be replaced with LED lamps as technology develops.

LED lamps consume less energy than traditional lamps.

Incandescent lamps use ten times as much energy as white LED lights, and energy-saving lamps use four times as much.

So, it is highly recommended to use LED lights for lighting around the Ping Pong Table wherever you play.

Below are some benefits of LED lights for ping pong room:

  1. An aluminum plate with a thickness of 5.0mm is used to dissipate heat and increase conduction capacity.
  2. Convection and ventilation assist in dissipating the heat; the entire lamp foot of the product is not hotter than 65 degrees.
  3. It has a simple and elegant appearance, incorporating ultra-thin design and fin-type technology.
  4. This weighs very little, so you don’t need to be concerned about the weight.
  5. It has a variety of light distribution methods, including a 90-degree lampshade, a 60-degree lampshade, and a 120-degree lampshade; the lampshade also has two light-transmitting parts, transparent and milky white anti-glare parts.
  6. The Epistar chip comes from Taiwan, and the Purui chip comes from the United States.

Lighting the table tennis room

1. Ideal room dimension

Table tennis courts are rectangular, with a minimum length of 14 meters, a minimum width of 7 meters, and a ceiling height of 4 meters.

There should be a 75 cm high dark bezel surrounding the competition area to act as a barrier between the competition area and the adjacent spectator area.

A non-slip hardwood surface should be used for the playing field and ground.

Light colors and highly reflective surfaces are not recommended.

To avoid being injured when an athlete hits the baffle, the baffle must be light and sturdy. It measures 1.4 meters wide.

2. How big is the table tennis room?

One aspect you should take into account is the size of the table tennis room. A table tennis room tends to be smaller than other sports. It can therefore be played anywhere.

While you can almost play table tennis anywhere, that doesn’t mean you should. Specialized equipment and space are needed to play this sport properly.

In a competitive game of table tennis, you will need the following sizes:

  1. The National League field measures 33 feet by 16 feet 6 inches
  2. The international events area measures 46 x 23 feet
  3. Recreational Play Area: 28 ft. x 13 ft.
  4. Tournaments at national level- 40 feet x 20 feet
  5. The local league field measures 30 feet by 16 feet six inches

The lighting of a table tennis room is very important. According to the room’s size and the level of competition, a variety of lighting options will be available.

Room Lighting Requirements

When installing table tennis room lighting, you have to consider several aspects.

1. Lighting

You should consider the level of competition when designing the lighting for the table tennis room.

Does the match take place for fun or for competitive reasons? There are different lighting standards for different venues.

The size and shape of the light are also determined by the room.

You will need 200 to 250 lux in a room used for recreational competitions.

However, 1000 lux is required for international competitions.

At least 1000 lux should be uniformly distributed on the playing surface during matches for World and Olympic titles,

And 500 lux should be spread evenly in other areas; during other matches, intensity should be at least 600 lux evenly distributed on the playing surface, and 400 lux elsewhere.

Lumens per square meter equal one lux. An office with a high level of illumination has about 400 lux,

While a home kitchen with a fluorescent light of 1200 lumens has about 500 lux.

The next thing you should consider is the quality of the Table Tennis Room lighting.

The lighting at the Olympic Games must not be glaring or flickering.

Additionally, the light must be uniform and bright. It is important to enhance player performance.

2. Lighting Uniformity

Playing table tennis requires uniform lighting. There are not many professional lighting fixtures in the table tennis rooms.

There is no lighting at the table tennis venues since they rely solely on room lighting.

Lighting intensity and height in playing areas must meet the following standards:

  1. The maximum illumination for recreational purposes is 300lux at the height of at least 10 feet.
  2. Local Leagues and National Leagues should have a brightness of 500lux and a height of 10 feet.
  3. At national and international tournaments, the lighting is between 750 and 1000 lumens with a 13-foot height.
  4. The light should be 1000 lux and 16 feet and 6 inches high at the Olympic Games and World Championships.

3. A glare-free environment

The lighting in the table tennis room should not produce glare. Glare will cause discomfort and irritation to both players and audience members.

Consequently, the players will not see the ball clearly because their vision will be negatively impacted. Therefore, anti-glare lights should be installed.

4. Light Standards for Table Tennis Rooms

If the lighting layout for a table tennis room is to be designed, the lighting standard should be considered.

Recreational or noncompetition matches must produce 300lux according to the standard. A horizontal illuminance evenness of U1>0.4 and U2>0.6 is required.

In an area of 3.5 x 7.5 meters, three LED panel lights of 30W should be installed on each table.

Furthermore, to allow the table tennis room to broadcast during the Olympics, the room should have 1500 to 2500lux. All tables should have equally distributed lighting.

It must be at least 1/2 times as bright as the match table in other venue areas. A light mounted at least five meters above the ground is required.

The audience area must have a lower illumination level than the competition area.

5. LED lights must have these features:

The LED lights you choose must have a variety of features. The color of light is also an important factor.

A warm color scheme makes spectators and players feel comfortable and cozy. A LED light’s power can also be adjusted, another must-have feature.

Several LED lights allow you to adjust certain functions, such as beam angle. With it, you will choose a light that meets your needs.

Unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs do not require heating. There will be no wasted energy.

A typical light bulb wastes between 60% and 70% of its energy. LED lights can reduce energy bills since they are more energy-efficient.

You can reduce energy use by at least 5% when you use LED lights. It is ideal for brightening up spaces efficiently since it is considered cool light.

A LED light has a long lifespan. A LED light does not need to be maintained; this reduces the cost of maintenance.

6. Lighting Design

The level of competition is the first thing you should consider when designing lighting for a table tennis room.

Are you playing recreationally or professionally? Various lighting standards are used at different venues.

The room size also determines the lighting design. Recreational competitions require a light level of 200 to 250 lux. However, international competitions require a light level of 1000 lux.

Second, the table tennis room should have good lighting. There must be no glare or flickering in the light at the Olympic Games.

Furthermore, the lighting must provide bright and even lighting. Players will perform better when the lighting is bright and even.


If you like table tennis and want to play it well, you need to light your room properly.

Lighting is very significant in table tennis. Many people use lamps for lighting, which consumes more energy than LED lights.

LED lights have superior energy efficiency and last longer, So they are preferred by many people.

Lighting for table tennis rooms is crucial for both players and spectators. Without it, they will not see what is going on.

Lighting design plays an important role in making sure the lighting is good. LEDLUCKY experts are available to help you with more information.

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