How To Clean Ping Pong Rubber? – Follow These 3 Ultimate Guides

Table Tennis Players serious about the game know how important it is to keep their ping pong rubber in top condition.

Rubber is the most important component of agility and speed in table tennis.

When rubber is worn down and dirty, it causes softer strokes.

Maintaining tackiness and ensuring good shots requires keeping the rubber clean.

The rubber should be cleaned periodically to avoid constantly replacing them.

Also, saving matches and money with rubber cleaning is a win-win situation.

The rubber of your Ping Pong Ball can be polished in a variety of ways.

In some cases, the items you need can be found in your home, while you must buy them in other cases.

This article will guide you about how to clean ping pong rubber.

Let’s begin!

How To Clean Ping Pong Rubber

Follow These Guides About How To Clean Ping Pong Rubber

1. Water, Sponge & Foams

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It is the most effective method. You can do it even between matches, and it isn’t expensive.

Almost every local sports store sells kitchen sponges or specialized sponges.

It is simple to clean your racket by dampening the sponge in water and wiping it with it.

The rubber’s surface can be cleaned gently with a soft cloth, taking care not to scratch it.

It is then simply a matter of letting it dry.

Rubber can also be kept from oxidizing if dust and moisture are kept away.

Many types of sprays and foams are available from manufacturers such as Butterfly and Stiga.

Using this method, you can look like a professional without worrying about costs.

Another option is to dampen a sponge.

You can spray a rubber cleaning solution on a rubber surface and then clean the surface with a sponge.

So that the rubber won’t get scratched, you should use a soft sponge.

In hot and humid summer weather, the cleaning solution does not work.

Rubber surfaces are difficult to clean in damp weather, and the protective layer left on them is easily absorbed by moisture, which can cause the ball to slip.

2. Detergents And Soaps

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Depending on how dirty your racket is or how difficult it is to clean with water, you can also wash it with soap and detergent.

A little detergent will go a long way.

Wet a sponge/rag with a little detergent and wipe it down.

Allow it to dry naturally after cleaning and store it.

If you wipe the rubber of your racket with your hand, that’s one of the worst things you can do.

Even though many Famous Players occasionally misuse their rackets.

They are sponsored and can afford to do so since they only intend to use the same racket and rubber a few times.

You should avoid getting oil on the rubber, as it will attract it from your hand.

3. Rubber Maintenance

Dust and the sun are the two biggest enemies of ping pong rubber.

Source: wikihow

Dust and oil will weaken the friction once the inner, softer rubber is stained.

A soft cloth dampened with water must be wiped off the surface every two or three days by people who practice more often. 

You should avoid placing rubber in direct sunlight, near a stove with a high temperature, and near heaters and air conditioners that blow strong winds to prolong its life.

Thus, the rubber needs to be placed inside the racket cover when not in use.

A protective film can be applied to the rubber.

Incorporate a wooden or plastic plate into the racket cover to minimize external impacts on the racket.

Place a standby rubber in a plastic bag to prolong its service life.


  • Table tennis rackets should be covered when not in use. Online, you can find a wide variety of racket covers that are generally cheap and can increase the life of your racket.
  • Protect your racket from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. The racket could also break early if you do this.
  • While the rubber on the racket is very important to clean since it affects your play, you should never overlook the racket’s handle. 
  • Cleaning your racket with commercial cleaners is ideal, but not inhaling them. 
  • Stay away from spin-inducing cleaners. It is forbidden by the ITTF to use these during a competition.
  • You should clean and dry the rubber before playing.


In the hands of a skilled player, a good ping pong rubber can last hundreds of hours of play with no degradation of bounce, spin, or grip with proper cleaning and storage.

After purchasing high-quality rubber, you must also pay attention to preserving and maximizing its value.

Keeping a ping pong rubber clean and storing it properly will make it easier for you to enjoy ping pong.

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