How To Clean A Table Tennis Table? Complete Guide In 2023

Whatever level of ping pong player you are or whether you occasionally use the table for beer pong or parties, your table tennis table will become dirty and need to be cleaned occasionally.

When playing table tennis, it is important to protect the surface and use the right products.

The following guide will explain how to clean a ping pong table properly. But before we get started, let’s discuss why you should clean it.

How To Clean A Table Tennis Table

Why Should You Clean Your Ping Pong Table?

How To Clean ping pong table

The ping pong table may need to be cleaned for aesthetic reasons, such as a stain or spill, but there are other great reasons to regularly clean the table, even if there is no stain or spill.

1. Interferes With Gameplay

The ball doesn’t bounce or spin correctly on a dusty or dirty table. Gameplay is affected because the ball is less consistent.

2. The Paddles Will Become Dirty

Dirt and dust get transferred to your paddles as you bounce your paddles on a ping pong table. The dust on your paddle can cause it to lose its tackiness, which will affect its ability to spin.

3. The Durability Of The Ping Pong Table

An attractive and functional ping pong table lasts longer with proper care and maintenance, preserving its life and value.

If you ever need to sell it, you might have an easier time getting a good price for it if you have kept it in good condition. There are many great reasons why you should regularly clean the ping pong table, even if it does not have stains or spills.

What Is The Recommended Frequency Of Cleaning Your Ping Pong Table?

The frequency with which you clean the table depends on how frequently you use it, how dirty the surroundings are, and how you store it.

The rule of thumb is to wipe the table down with a lightly dampened cloth once a week or every time you use it if it’s stored uncovered in a dusty or dirty environment like a garage.

Don’t Do These Things When Cleaning Your Ping Pong Table

It is important to preserve the surface of your ping pong table when cleaning it. Its means:

1. Do Not Use Harsh Cleaners

A Ping Pong Table has a more delicate surface than most household cleaners.

You can also make a simple DIY cleaning solution or use a ping pong table cleaner.

2. Make Sure Not To Over-Wet The Table

Things that Clean the ping pong table Tennis Table

Water and moisture can ruin an indoor table tennis table. Ping pong tables need to be protected against moisture unless they are designed to be used outside.

Tables in the indoor environment are usually made of wood, absorbing moisture, causing warping and bending. Water should be used sparingly, and surfaces dried thoroughly after each use.

  • Cleaning a table tennis table with a diluted vinegar solution will work well for light, regular cleaning. Mix 2 cups of water with 1 1/2 cups of white vinegar. This solution can be misted or applied with a cloth by using a spray bottle or a bucket
  • A lubricant. Lubricating your ping pong table’s moving parts with WD40 will help keep it in good condition, as will a diluted vinegar solution in a small bucket. You should always mix a vinegar solution (1-part vinegar to 5 parts water) even if you are using a cleaning product
  • With clean water

How To Clean A Ping Pong Table?

Now that we’ve covered what not to do and what you’ll need let’s move on to the step-by-step directions for cleaning your ping pong table.

steps by steps instruction To Clean The Table Tennis Table

Step By Steps Instructions

  1. Removing the net
  2. Dust and debris can be removed from the ping pong table by using a clean, dry cloth.
  3. Use a spray cleaner and a damp cloth to clean the table or vinegar to dampen the cloth.
  4. It might be necessary to lightly dampen a cloth that is dampened with clean water one more time if the table is very dirty.
  5. Be sure to lubricate all metals and moving parts.

Must Clean The Net

The net can be cleaned with a diluted vinegar solution (1-part vinegar to 5 parts water).

Ensure that the net’s fabric portion rests inside the vinegar solution container, but the vertical support and attachments at the ends don’t touch the liquid. Soak the net as you clean the table.

Then remove it from the vinegar solution and rinse it with water before drying for 30 minutes.

How To Keep Your Table Tennis Table Clean?

How To Keep Your Table Tennis Table Clean
Source: purity-clean

Ping pong tables can be protected and preserved by using a ping pong table cover when not in use, especially if the table is kept in a garage, basement, or unfinished room.

Ping pong tables that are covered need to be cleaned less frequently and last longer.

After playing a game, wipe the table down if it has become dirty or sweaty, even if you cleaned it beforehand. Next time, it will be easier to clean if dirt and moisture are removed before storing.

It’s best to clean the ping pong table after each use, and particularly before you cover it if you are using it for beer pong. Therefore, stains and damages won’t penetrate the table’s surface.


Cleaning a ping pong table may seem time-consuming and meticulous, but it only takes a few minutes.

It will be better to play on, and it will last longer if it is cleaned frequently and properly stored.

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