How To Clean A Ping Pong Paddle? – Complete Guide

You can’t play ping pong without the right paddle. It should have the right amount of spring and bounce, the right feel in your hand, and good responsiveness for your gameplay.

You can make all the difference once you find the perfect paddle. While playing ping pong, ping pong paddles are prone to accumulating dirt, dust, and debris, along with sweat from your hands.

How do you Clean A Ping Pong paddle?

How To Clean A Ping Pong Paddle

The Best Way to Clean Your Ping Pong Paddle:

Start by gathering the following materials and your paddle:

  1. Bowl / Dish
  2. Water That’s Clean
  3. Using a sponge
  4. Soap / Detergent for Dishwashing
  5. Brush (optional)
  6. Ping Pong Rubber Cleaner (Optional)

The following steps will help you clean and restore your ping pong racket:

  1. Ping pong paddles should be placed on a table in front of you. Collect the necessary materials then.
  2. Get a clean bowl or dish of water ready. Tap water from a well is not recommended, but you have a few options. But sometimes, this causes the paddles to clog up.
  3. Distilled water or bottled water can be used instead. Ping pong paddles can be cleaned with these two types of clean water.
  4. Squeeze a little liquid dishwashing soap or detergent onto your dish or bowl. Make sure it is well mixed. You can dampen your sponge by dipping it into the dish or bowl and wringing it out.
  5. You will likely ruin your paddle if you use a soaking wet sponge. Paddle parts made of wood and high amounts of water don’t mix well. The handle can be ruined.
  6. Using a ping pong paddle, wipe down one side, starting at the top (not the handle).
  7. Avoid wiping the paddle more than once.
  8. You do this to prevent dirt from getting back to the place you wiped again after picking it up.
  9. After you have worked on one side, wash your sponge off and dip it into the soap and water mix again.
  10. Congratulations! Dry off your paddle by laying it out and letting it air dry on its own, rather than wiping it down with anything. This will help you keep your paddle clean.

Soaps or alcohol can be used for cleaning?


Applying soap to a ping pong paddle makes sense since alcohol is widely used for cleaning, and soap is used to clean everything, right?

Not exactly! It would be best if you didn’t use either. Ping pong paddles should only be cleaned with liquid dish-washing soap.

The pros use this type of soap for cleaning paddles as it is by far the safest.

You need to keep it away from your ping pong paddle because it tends to crack and ruin the rubber when it comes to alcohol.

Your ping pong paddle handle is the only part of the paddle you can use rubbing alcohol on.

Alcohol will not affect the handle (if not made of rubber), and it can be effectively cleaned.

A wooden (or non-rubber) handle can handle alcohol without cracking or rusting if you’re going to use alcohol.

Is there another way to clean your paddle?

You have to do that doesn’t involve any of the methods to buy a table tennis racket cleaning kit that uses foam to clean your racket.

Ping pong paddles normally only have foam on the rubber, but since it’s the most important part, you should treat it as best as possible.

Keep your paddles as clean as possible by following these tips.


Good ping pong paddles can last hundreds of hours of play with proper care and storage, delivering great bounce, great spin, and a comfortable grip game after game.

You should also invest time and attention in maintaining a quality paddle if you have invested in one.

A Tabble Tennis paddle can be a great tool for enjoying and improving your game when properly cleaned and stored.

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