How Many Calories Does Ping Pong Burn? – Benefits In 2023

In a 1-hour session, you will burn 200-350 calories as a beginner in a ping pong game.

And about 500 calories in 1-hour if you are a professional.

But how can you calculate this? And does this calorie burring helps lose weight?

In this post, we’ll discuss exactly these topics.

We’ll cover some simple math to figure out your number, and also, we will give you the answers to the questions you would ask.

How Many Calories Does Ping Pong Burn

Calculation of calories burned while playing ping pong

The number of calories you burn while playing table tennis is easy to calculate.

You can enter the required parameters, such as your weight, on numerous online websites and applications to calculate how many calories you can burn.

To calculate calories, you can use MET value (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) for tennis or ping pong.

An individual’s metabolic rate refers to how many calories or energy they burn in a given period of time.

You can calculate your MET by dividing your resting metabolic rate by your working metabolic rate.

Your MET provides a simple measurement of the intensity of your workout.

If an activity has a MET value of 4, it says you’re working four times harder than if you were sitting or relaxing.

According to ACSM, the number of calories burned by playing table tennis per minute = 3.5 × METs × Weight(kg) ÷ 200.

So, you can calculate how many calories you burn by using the above formula depending on your weight, and you’re playing time at table tennis (non-competitive).

You can also try this website to calculate your calories:

Can playing table tennis help you lose weight and burn fat?

Yes, weight loss is obvious when you Play Ping Pong consistently.

In a 1-hour session, you will burn 200-350 calories as a beginner.

Use the calorie burn formula above to calculate how much weight you can lose based on your starting weight and exercise duration.

Advanced training for athletes often includes interesting and complex footwork.

Exercising this way burns 500 calories per hour.

Does ping pong burn more calories than other similar sports?

A one-hour game of ping pong burns around 273 calories.

If you want to find out which racquet sport best fits your needs, you should compare it to similar racquet sports.

It is imperative to remember that each individual has different needs and requirements regarding fitness methods.


A social match of badminton can burn up to 152 calories per hour. Competitive badminton burns 435 calories per hour, while moderate-intensity badminton burns 200 calories.


A 60-minute normal racquetball session burns about 435 calories, while a competitive racquetball uses up to 652 calories.


If you talk about Squash, it burns up to 797 calories in 60 minutes at its most intense level.

Compared to most racquet sports, ping pong burns relatively few calories.

This makes it useful for the game. It is less severe than other racquet sports because it does not put too much pressure on your joints or back.

What are the Benefits of playing ping pong?

source : Ping England

Below are the most common benefits of playing ping pong:

  • Playing ping pong intensely enhances mental alertness, concentration, and physical understanding.
  • Due to the fast-paced and short distances involved in the sport, both the gross and fine muscles are worked.
  • If you have had knee surgery, back problems, or are tired of twisting your ankle while playing other sports, table tennis is a great option.
  • Ping Pong Players must maintain balance and change direction quickly.
  • With practice, you will become more adept at maintaining balance.


While there’s no clear consensus, it appears that playing table tennis burns anywhere around 300-600 calories per hour.

Again, these estimates are all based on reasonable assumptions and the evidence available, so it may be difficult or impossible to state with certainty exactly how many calories an average game of table tennis burns.

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