How Is Table Tennis Different From Other Racquet Sports?

Tennis, badminton, Squash, and table tennis are the most popular racquet sports games.

All racquet sports have the same concept of using the racquet, that is, striking the ball back and forth.

Although, there are many differences between table tennis and other sports that are very significant, like Racquet type, playground, and ball type and rules.

So, in this article, we will compare table tennis with other racquet sports in terms of these differences.

How Is Table Tennis Different From

How Is Table Tennis Different From Other Racquet Sports?

Difference Between Playgrounds:

Whenever you participate in any sport, preparing your playing field is essential.

You need the right court design for table tennis, badminton, or tennis, regardless of the sport.

A badminton court has a net in the middle and a solid training surface.

Another possibility would be an outdoor lawn tennis court.

The training ground, however, is not required for table tennis. The playground is placed on a rectangular table since it is a distance game.

The table will have two parts, divided by partitions and a grid.

Ping pong can be played indoors or outdoors. Thus, you will no longer have to worry about the weather affecting your game.

Difference Between The Racquet Used:

Source: Go Sports Review

There is a huge difference in the type of racquet used by a player in racquet sports.

In badminton and tennis, the racquet is designed to have a wide face and woven wires serving as a net.

On the other hand, table tennis rackets look like long wooden paddles with rubberized sides to allow the ball to bounce.

In addition, the racket’s weight varies depending on the game. Typically, badminton rackets are light and soft wire with a long handle. Tennis rackets are heavier and also have a more solid head.

Difference Between The Balls Used:

The type of balls used for each game is not the same also.

The ball used in ping pong is smaller and lighter than in other sports.

A table tennis ball weighs 2.7 grams. The ball is hollow and made of plastic fiber.

Players must bounce the ball in table tennis to assist with this design.

Comparatively, the size of a tennis ball is about the same as that of a ping pong ball, but it weighs a lot more since the ball is made out of vulcanized rubber and contains a layer of felt on the outside, so it’s heavy.

On the other hand, badminton uses a foam ball and feathers rather than a ball. This helps it fly higher every time.

Difference Between Rules:

Here’s a comparison of table tennis with badminton, tennis, or Squash, popular racquet sports in terms of rules:

Table Tennis vs Badminton:

Table tennis vs badminton
Source: UPSU

Compared to other racquet sports, especially ping pong, badminton is one of the most different.

Badminton rackets measure between 66 and 68 cm long and weigh 70 and 95 grams.

Minimum weight of 250 grams is required for the pedal, which is only 17 cm long and 15 cm wide.

The wire is used to make a net in a badminton racket.

In table tennis, the rubber covers both sides of the racket.

The rubber sides of the racket are usually distinguished by their color.

A player can adjust the ball’s bounce by using the colors red and black.

A similar scoring system is used in both table tennis and badminton.

The winner of the game is the first player to reach 21 points with at least two points more than their opponent. Alternatively, the game will be extended to 29 points.

Table Tennis vs Tennis:

Tennis is a sport that can be played indoors, and table tennis is considered a new version of tennis.

However, ping pong’s playing area is just as small as a rectangular table.

There should be more court space for tennis (approximately 24 meters long, 11 meters wide in doubles, and 8.2 meters wide in singles).

The polishing material and weight are other differences. Often tennis balls have a layer of optical yellow on the outside, making them heavier and larger.

They can therefore be seen more easily by players.

Ping pong scoring is also different from tennis scoring.

Furthermore, speed is a key factor in both sports.

You must be flexible, agile, and have the right hand to become a good Ping Pong player.

Tennis balls move about 3 meters per second, so their paths are 20 meters long.

Table Tennis vs Squash:

In Squash, a Player Plays Indoors Like Ping Pong. During squash games, players must hit the ball from certain positions on 4 walls.

There are no restrictions on their movement.

Because of the competition and deliberate collisions between players, it is also a game associated with mistakes.


Clearly, there is a difference between Table Tennis and other racquet sports.

The racquet and the arena are the major differences between Table Tennis and other racquet sports.

In addition, the points, rules, and strategies are also different for every racquet sport.

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