How Do You Make A Ping Pong Ball Float In Mid-Air – Science Experiment In 2023

Continue to blow air into the straw underneath the ping-pong ball when you lift the ball into the mid-air. If it is strong enough, the pressure from the air will lift the ball from the straw.

The next time you blow, you may need to blow even harder. It is essential to take breaks between attempts. Otherwise, you may become light-headed.

There should be at least an inch of space between the ball and the straw.

Two things are required to accomplish this

  1. The ping pong ball
  2. A bendy drinking straw is ideal

It would be best to use a bendy straw rather than a regular straight straw to get the best results. Turn the straw 90 degrees, so the neck points straight up.

Place yourself in a good position. A ping pong ball should be held in one hand over the straw. Taking a deep breath is a smart idea.

Keeping your ping pong ball in the air will require your lung power.

Continue to breathe continuously into the straw while underneath the ping pong ball. The ball will be lifted away from the straw tip when air pressure is sufficient.

Next time, you might need to blow harder. It would be best to take breaks between attempts to avoid becoming light-headed.

At least an inch above the straw should be enough for the ball to float.

How Does It Work?

Air pressure is responsible for this unique trick. Due to the straw’s rapid movement, the air entering it is also less dense than the air around it.

A higher-pressure air column surrounds the ball, holding it within the lower-pressure column.

How Do You Make A Ping Pong Ball Float In Mid-Air

How does a ping pong ball levitate?

source: mombrite

It is impossible for a ping pong ball to “float” in the air at the same height if the force of gravity (which forces the ball downward) is equal to the force of air flow from a hairdryer (which causes the ball to rise).

Bernoulli’s Principle describes this phenomenon. Bernoulli discovered that the more air flows over an object, the less air pushes on the object.

Why does not a ping pong ball fly away while a moving stream of air is blowing it out?

The pressure of faster moving air is lower than that of surrounding air due to its rapid movements.

Continue to blow air into the straw underneath The Ping Pong Ball when you lift the ball into the air.

The ping-pong ball will rise from a hairdryer until it is pushed downward by gravity and lifted by air at the same time.

Air coming from the hairdryer moves much faster than air in the surrounding area.

Do ping pong balls have air resistance?

Many factors affect the amount of air resistance encountered by an object. Two of the most common factors affect an object’s speed and cross-sectional area.

When an object is falling fast, it encounters more air resistance.

When the object has a larger cross-sectional area, it encounters more air resistance with air resistance, objects that are more massive fall faster than less massive objects.

At some point, air resistance becomes strong enough to compensate for gravity.

If this occurs, the object will stop accelerating, and the net force will be 0 N. At this point, the object has reached a terminal velocity.

For a ball with a larger diameter, air resistance will be excellent.

An object’s acceleration is directly affected by gravity, but its acceleration is inversely affected by mass.

Because the golf ball has a greater mass than the ping pong ball, its force is offset by its mass, so both objects accelerate at the same rate.

Floating ping pong ball explanation

source: cool sci exp

Ping pong balls “float” in the air at a point where the upward force of the hairdryer is equal to the downward force of gravity (which forces the ball down).

In other words, Bernoulli’s Principle applies here. Flowing faster means less pressure on the surface, and lower pressure means less force is exerted. Bernoulli found this to be true.

Testing whether the ball floats in the air requires the following materials:

  1. The hairdryer
  2. Ping pong ball

These must be mandatory guidelines.

  1. Make sure the hairdryer is turned on in the highest setting.
  2. Aim the hairdryer up, so the airstream is aimed upward.
  3. Make sure the ping pong ball is balanced in the airstream above the hairdryer.
  4. As the ping pong ball floats, tilt the hairdryer slowly from side to side.
  5. Check if the ball responds differently when the blow dryer is cranked up or down.

Hairdryer air passes around the outside edge of the ball. The air flows evenly around both sides if the ball is positioned carefully.

The ball is pulled downward by gravity but is pushed upward by pressure from the moving air below it. The ball is in the balance due to all these forces.


We can see from this article that the ball should be able to float off the straw for at least 1 inch.

When the air pressure is strong enough, the ball will lift off the straw’s tip. Different Ping pong balls also have air resistance which contributes to the game’s outcome.

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