How Big Is A Ping Pong Ball? – All You Need To Know In 2023

The popularity of ping pong, or specifically table tennis, is growing globally.

The game is an entertainment tool that reduces stress in daily life and positively impacts health.

Most people only pay attention to playing ping-pong and do not know how the ball is shaped or its dimensions.

What is the size of a ping pong ball? How big should it be?

Perhaps it will be 20 or 30 inches, but it will not be as you expect.

Therefore, in this article, you will learn about table tennis ball size and the colors and qualities in terms of the size of ping pong balls.

How Big Is A Ping Pong Ball

What Are The Different Sizes And Colors Of Ping Pong Balls?

Sizes of ping pong balls

Sizes of ping pong balls
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The Ping pong balls used to be a bit smaller in size in the past.

Dimensionally, it measured 38 millimeters (mm) or 3.8 centimeters (cm), about 1.5 inches.

But now, according to the rules, the ping pong balls come in diameters of:

40 millimeters (mm) or 4 centimeters (cm) or 1.57 inches, weights of 2.7 grams, and circumferences of 4.94″.

The manufacturer still produces two sizes of ping pong balls: 3.8 cm and 4.0 cm.

Many people still prefer to play with a 3.8cm ball because it has a greater spin.

As a matter of fact, 4 cm balls are currently the preferred size among experts.

So, if you want to set up an official or a local tournament, you must use a proper ping pong ball size.

So basically, two parameters determine the size of a ping-pong ball:

  1. Diameter
  2. Circumference.

The grip size serves as the diameter of the ball and is of more importance to players.

Knowing this number will help you feel the ball better when serving and hitting the ball.


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Since 2015, balls have been either white or orange and made of polymer instead of celluloid.

Based on the color of the table and its surroundings, the ball’s color is determined.

For example, White balls are easier to see on a blue or green table than grey balls.

What Are The Different Qualities Of Ping Pong Balls?

Aside from choosing the right size for the ball, you also need to consider the quality.

There are different quality levels for different types of ping pong balls.

Therefore, it is important to define your purpose clearly before selecting the right quality.

Practice balls are another type of quality ball manufactured and marketed.

The standard size is 4cm. However, the balls will be softer than normal.

And the hard hits will easily break these balls.

different qualities of ping pong balls
Source: Rackets Sports World

Star Ratings

The Producers use stars to rate ping-pong balls.

Manufacturers use a three-star rating system to indicate the quality of their balls. And ITTF guidelines are generally followed.

  • One star

The Ping pong balls with a 1-star rating are soft and cannot withstand strong or repeated blows for a long time.
These ping pong balls are inexpensive and thus often purchased in large quantities due to their low price.

Balls of this type are usually aimed at young players and school-age players. Additionally, they are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

  • Two stars

Players interested in improving their ping pong game should purchase 2-star balls. These balls are usually used with robots or in training.

The quality of these balls is not top-notch. If they are of the right size and weight, they can be used in tournaments.

  • Three stars

The 3-star ball meets all the requirements for international standards and is manufactured to the highest quality.
The international table tennis federation approves professional tournaments worldwide.

And it is always assured that the mass size of a 3-star ball will be correct.

They have been tested in the factory multiple times before they are sold for their size, weight, and other factors.


Hopefully, we’ve helped you learn a little bit more about ping-pong balls and its dimension.

Despite their size, pong balls are surprisingly strong and can withstand plenty of punishment if used correctly.

Perhaps their popularity is because of how accessible they are to all players, no matter their age or skill level.

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