Games To Play On A Ping Pong Table – 10 More Table Tennis Fun Variation

the versatility and adaptability of ping-pong make it an extremely versatile sport.

A traditional and competitive game is a traditional way to play, but kids’ versions of these games can be just as enjoyable for families games to play on a ping pong table.

It may seem like a waste of space and money to purchase a Table Tennis Table, but it’s not worthwhile if you only play one sport.

However, this table can be modified and customized to create several interesting and practical games.

The ping pong table is not only great for playing this fun game, but you can use it for many other things.

You can play these 10 fun and easy ping pong games on a ping pong table as well.

Games To Play On A Ping Pong Table

These 10 Fun Games To Play On A Ping Pong Table

1. Sharp Shooting

Make five holes in a box of different sizes.

Write a value next to each hole.

An example of a smaller-sized hole being given a score of 500 as a high score.

Using tape, mark a starting point on the opposite end of the Ping-Pong table by placing the box at one end of the table.

Try rolling marbles toward the box using an ice cream stick, aiming for the holes with the highest numbers.

By the end of five rounds, the player with the highest score wins.

2. Three-Legged Ping Pong

As in a three-legged race, the goal is to tie each player’s legs together.

In order to return the ball to the opponent, the players move back and forth back and forth.

Communication is the only way players will move as a team without tripping or running into one another.

3. Basketball Ping Pong

You will need two plastic cups or foam cups for this game.

Source: Youtube

They should be placed on either end of the table.

The ball must be hit into your opponent’s cup in order to play ping-pong.

To prevent the ball from falling into your cups, your teammates will use their rackets and hands.

Continuously throughout the game, the ball pitch will change.

The player throws the ball into the cup, which gets the point.

You decide on the scoring rules together with the players.

Another option is to use the traditional scoring method in basketball.

4. Tag Ping Pong

It is a combination of ping pong and tag.

One player plays ping pong, and the other players alternate turns.

To get back into the game after being tagged out, someone must play on the Ping Pong Table.

Afterward, a player can rejoin the game if they beat the opponent, while the loser must wait until they win before rejoining.

5. Ping-pong Blowing Race

Straws will help speed things up during your blowing race.

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The suction tube will greatly reduce the force of your blow if you blow directly into the ball.

Participants will face greater difficulty due to the slower game speed.

The starting signal sounds, and you use the straw to blow the diving ball forward after standing neatly at the starting line.

It is the ping-pong ball that travels the longest length of the table fastest that wins.

In the meantime, players should be careful not to let their hands touch a ball or a straw.

In this battle, the breath is the only thing at stake; anyone seeking the help of other parts must start over.

You will adjust your ball back to its original position if you accidentally knock it off the table.

6. Table Hockey

Source: tabletennisspot

You can use hardcover books or blocks as walls to create a rectangular-shaped hockey rink.

Make sure to leave open space at either end.

Play paper soccer by hitting a paper ball into the opposite goal with an ice cream stick.

A goal can be scored by attempting to get possession of the puck and running the length of the table.

Please keep your hands on the books and blocks, so you don’t knock them over.

7. Beer Pong

Many players enjoy playing Beer Pong, especially young people.

Play with as many people as possible to increase the drama and fun.

The more participants, the livelier the atmosphere will be.

If you want to play, prepare many paper or plastic cups, but don’t look into them.

As well as beer, soft drinks, and fish sauce, you need to include a couple of drinks.

A few pieces of paper containing a fun challenge will also increase excitement.

You put the challenge pieces in the cup if you have enough tools after reading the water.

After placing the cups at the ends of your face, arrange them in a triangle shape.

There will be no difference in how the cups are arranged on either side since they touch each other.

As soon as the setup is done, you can start playing.

Each pair can either play together or play as a team.

On the opposite side of the table, players place their elbows on the table while they throw the ball into the cup.

The other person will drink water from the cup if your ball falls into it.

You must perform the challenge until you are satisfied if the ball enters the challenge cup.

You have to drink difficult drinks to play this game and complete difficult challenges.

8. Dance Around The Table

Each player starts with five points in this fun game and loses them until all their points are gone.

It requires more than two players to play.

Once an individual has hit the ball, the paddle is dropped, and someone else jumps in to take its place.

The game starts to like the traditional game of ping pong.

Players take turns moving to the back after each turn.

Each member in a large party has a chance to play, and the wait time is kept to a minimum.

When the ball is missed or hit into the net, the player loses a point.

Alternatively, everyone could be given a paddle, and the circle of players could take turns rotating around the table at a slow pace.

9. Dinosaur Arms Ping Pong

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All the rules of regular ping pong apply to this fun game, but instead of tiny dinosaur arms, players must pretend they have them.

When a player hits the ball, they keep their elbows bent and their arms tucked in close to their bodies instead of stretching them out.

To provide more coverage, it is good to play this game with two players on a team.

10. Rotating Ping-Pong

Source: coolthings

Three players are required for rotating ping-pong.

Both players position themselves on the table opposite each other.

A player from the more populated side will serve first.

The game’s object is to circle the table while hitting the ball.

A player’s bat on the table is laid aside when they miss a ball.

After the ball bounces on a player’s bat still in the game, the eliminated player can rejoin the game.

The winner of each match is determined by the two remaining players.


You can play these games on the Ping Pong Table when you are bored.

You can easily spend your time playing these games with your family, and it is a great way to spend time together.

You may find some useful information in the above article regarding playing many games on a table tennis table.

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