Does Wind Affect Ping Pong? – Everything You Need To Know In 2023

Ping pong balls are incredibly light and very susceptible to wind damage. The light wind can add the pleasure of outdoor ping pong but stronger winds can push the ball far away.

The wind forces you to adjust your shots even if your shots are accurate indoors.

Does Wind Affect Ping Pong

Indoor vs outdoor ping pong

Consequently, many people who like playing table tennis now play it outdoors. The manner in which you play ping pong indoors and outdoors is very dissimilar.

Indoor table tennis is played in a controlled environment. Wind and lighting are controlled, so the ball’s flight is virtually unaffected.

You will have to adjust your shots carefully when playing outdoor table tennis due to wind, and the bright sunshine may temporarily blind you.

Summer is best to play outdoor ping pong

While this is true, it is preferable to play outdoor Table Tennis only during the summer months. Why is this?

The reason for this is that if you play during any other season, you will encounter much stronger winds that will make playing ping pong nearly impossible.

Summer is the perfect time to play ping pong outdoors. Your home’s heat will be displaced by the cooler temperatures of the outside so that you won’t be stuck inside.

If possible, try playing under a tree.

Choose concrete surface to play outdoor

It is essential that you set up your ping pong table on a flat concrete surface when you plan to play outdoors.

However, while playing on grass may seem convenient, keep in mind that the grass has unbalanced ground. This will also cause the table to be uneven, interfering with the game.

Buy an outdoor ping pong table

It’s a good idea to buy a table that can be played outside and has wheels on each leg.

An outdoor table will last longer and will be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, which makes it easier to transport.

However, you should keep in mind that although it can withstand harsh conditions, you shouldn’t leave the table outdoors as it can degrade over time.

It is advisable to store your ping pong table inside your home, such as your garage, when you are not playing with your friends or family.

These are a few things to keep in mind when playing ping pong outdoors. There will be challenges, but it will undoubtedly be worth the effort.

How much wind is too much for table tennis?

If you play table tennis outdoors, the wind can affect the ball’s movement, as the ball weighs just 2.7 grams (0.09 ounces), and the average wind speed is 7.4mph (11.9kph).

This means that even a slight wind blow will cause it to move differently.In windy weather, a ball that isn’t a regulation size can be used for outdoor table tennis.

It is possible to make Outdoor Ping Pong Balls 41% heavier than their average ball, so they don’t get affected by the wind nearly as quickly.

There is no problem playing outdoor table tennis on a calm day. However, it is not easy to play ping pong when it is windy.

The heavy balls seem to make sense because table tennis is a recreational sport, not a sport that needs to be precise about ball weight.

You should try out the heavy balls if you like outdoor table tennis, even on a windy day.

Is playing table tennis viable outdoors?

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Even though table tennis is generally played indoors, it can also be played outside. You’ll need the right weather conditions to play outdoor table tennis successfully.

First, the ground must be dry- but equally important, and it must not be windy to ensure the ball can fly well.

Debris will also be blown onto the table surface during windy conditions, hindering the ball’s bounce and potentially affecting the outcome.

What ball do you prefer to play with?

It is faster and more spinnable to use 38mm Ping Pong Balls than 40mm balls.

The standard 40mm balls became popular after the Sydney Olympics in 2000, and some players still favor 38mm balls.

Take a look at both 38mm and 40mm balls and see which you prefer when playing with friends or casually.

Table tennis balls used in official tournaments have a diameter of 40mm (1.57 inches).

The majority of the balls on the market will be of this standard tournament size, but you will also find 38mm (1.5 inches) balls, like those made by Franklin Sports.

Five Specifications Need To Be Met By All Table Tennis Balls:

According to the ITTF handbook:

  1. The ball must have a diameter of 40mm and be spherical
  2. It must weigh 2.7g
  3. It must be made of celluloid or another plastic material
  4. White or orange should be the color of the ball
  5. It should have a matte finish

Some players prefer orange balls during training, but there is no rule requiring them to switch to white during tournaments.

The choice is yours. Nevertheless, there is one more rule to keep in mind: before an official match,

You and your opponent must agree on the type of ball to use and make sure the ball is sufficiently different from your clothing.

What Is The Heaviest Ping Pong Ball?

Table tennis balls approved by the ITTF must weigh 2.7g. There is, however, a permissible weight range of 2.67g to 2.77g.

Heavy balls are faster and more stable in their trajectory, whereas lighter one’s wobble more and are slower.

Beginners should choose the heaviest ping pong ball they can find that is as close to 2.77g as possible. Among the heaviest balls are the following.

  1. JOOLA Training 3 Star Table Tennis Balls
  2. Butterfly R40+ Table Tennis Balls
  3. Franklin Sports Table Tennis Balls
  4. KEVENZ 60-Pack 3 Star Ping Pong Balls


Despite table tennis’ compatibility with the weather, elements, and the outdoors, there is still much to learn.

The wind affects the table tennis ball, but the wind’s speed needs to be fast to notice it every time it strikes the ball.

During the summer, it is best to play outdoor table tennis. It is vital that you set up your ping pong table on a flat concrete surface when you plan to play outdoors.

Balls that are 41% heavier than their average ball, so they don’t get affected by the wind nearly as quickly.

Balls break easily, so you will wear them out if you play ping pong regularly.

Competition standard balls approved by the ITTF are relatively expensive, so you may want to train with a less expensive ball.

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