Difference Between Ping Pong Balls – Complete Guide In 2023

People often ask, what is the best ping pong ball? We can easily tell which balls are higher quality by checking out the ping pong rating system.

Ping pong balls are rated according to their star rating, and we’ll be comparing 3-star ping pong balls to 1-star ping pong balls.

It may seem like all ping pong balls are the same, they look all the same, and they feel all the same, too? Although it may be partly true, there is still a large difference between the two kinds of balls.

As each type of ball went through a different manufacturing process, these differences tended to affect the price of the ball.

Difference Between Ping Pong Balls

The Star Rating in Ping Pong Ball

A higher star rating means a better ping pong ball. There are three types of star ratings of ping pong balls.

  • A one-star ball is the lowest quality ball. It is not durable and fails to survive the test of time.
  • After the one-star ball, we come to the two-star ball, which is a much better ball in terms of durability and has a much harder surface than the one-star ball.
  • And finally, the winning ball, the three-star ball. Balls approved by the ITTF are perfect for a high-quality game of ping pong.

1-Star Ping Pong Ball

It’s the lowest quality ball available, and it’s ideal for youth clubs and just general recreational use. Polystyrene and celluloid are both common materials for these balls.

However, out of all three classes, they are the softest. They are more likely to wear out more quickly and break more often due to their softness.

Additionally, the softness of the ball hinders the ball’s bounce, which makes it less desirable for players with greater skill. These balls are suitable for playing friendly recreational games.

However, they aren’t impediments to practicing and improving your game just because they are softer.

2-Star Ping Pong Ball

The 2-star ball is next in the rankings. Players who have advanced their playing technique and desire to achieve a higher level of play will benefit most from this type of ball.

There is a noticeable difference between these balls and 1 star balls in their firmness, making them far more durable.

Balls like these aren’t used in competitive play, but they’re still good enough to play with your opponents.

3-Star Ping Pong Ball

As far as quality is concerned, this ball is the best. Investing in these balls is essential if you plan on playing at a competitive level. Different materials are used to make 3 star balls.

Tournaments are usually played with polystyrene ping pong balls, providing the most consistent bounce.

A material like celluloid is slightly cheaper since it is made more easily. In general, polystyrene is preferred to celluloid as it gives the ball a more consistent bounce.

Hard hits are not a concern with 3 star balls, and they normally last for a very long time. Furthermore, these Balls Are Best Suited To Spin plays and nifty control.

Final Thoughts

The ratings for ping pong balls are listed in order from the lowest to the highest, so you now know how ping pong balls are rated.

This information hopefully assisted you in determining which ping pong ball best suits your needs.

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