Can You Volley In Table Tennis? – Complete Guide In 2023

Table tennis rules state that the ball cannot be hit until it bounces on the player’s side of the table, according to the International Table Tennis Federation Handbook.

NO! Table tennis do not allow volley. When the ball hits the ground or table, it is called a volley.

Table tennis volleys are played by hitting the ball back before hitting the court’s table.

Obstructing the ball is known as obstructive volleyball and is a penalty.

Nevertheless, there are two situations under which, technically, a volley is not illegal.

It is obstruction of the ball if a Player Touches the ball or anything associated with him during play,

when the ball is above or heading towards the court after not having touched it since last being struck by his opponent.

Unless an opponent obstructs the ball in a rally, the player should receive a point unless it is a let.

Can You Volley In Table Tennis

Can You Volley In Table Tennis Is It Allowed Or Not in 2023

A Point Is Deducted For A Volley

The rules state that you need to wait until the ball hits your side of the table first before returning it.

You score a point if you Smash The Ball back as it approaches the playing surface.

Before hitting the ball, make sure it has bounced on the table. If you don’t, you’ll lose the rally.

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In addition to losing the point for hitting the ball with a paddle, you will also lose a point for hitting it with your hand, arm, or anything you wear.

During A Volley, You Do Not Lose The Point

Technically, you win a point when a ball doesn’t travel toward or over the playing surface, and you strike it or touch it.

Despite not touching the table, the opponent would still have lost if the ball had flown away.

It does not matter whether you Hit The Ball back or touch it; the laws of physics are valid, so the ball can’t turn around mid-flight and bounce on the table.

It doesn’t matter where you hit because you’ve already won the point.

Even if your opponent returns it, it is irrelevant since you already made that point.

The Second Type Of Volley

When the ball hits you or your paddle while heading away from the table and over the end line, you will get the point.

No matter if it hit or was hit by your paddle, the ball would be dead.

If the ball did not bounce on the table after crossing the end line, it would still be dead.

Originally, the rules considered any volley, even those that were not intended or the ball wasn’t hitting the table, illegal.

In the 1990s, they were revised several times before they were adopted in 2000 as a way to promote fair play.

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