Can You Hit The Ball Twice In Ping Pong? || Important Rules In 2023

It’s possible to do this, but only if you accidentally double-hit.

The ball usually hits the paddle first with your finger and then bounces back to hit it again.

A double hit is technically when you strike the ball with your finger first (which is legal by the way), then you hit the paddle second.

There are some other instances in which the ball hits two legal striking areas before landing on your opponent’s court (the hand holding the paddle and the paddle itself).

The ball cannot be deliberately struck twice.

You hit the ball again so that it lands on the court of your opponent, for instance, after it touches the paddle, bounces up, and then hits the ball again.

The rules have changed recently. Before this rule was changed, any intentional or accidental double hit resulted in a point deduction.

Can You Hit The Ball Twice In Ping Pong

Important Table Tennis Rule Can You Hit The Ball Twice In Ping Pong is Legal Or Not?

  1. The point belongs to the player unless the rally is late
  2. When the ball is deliberately hit more than once

Hit The Ball

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The ball may be hit with your fingers, or with your racquet hand under your wrist, or with any part of your bat.

So you are legally allowed to return the ball.

  1. Hitting with the back of your racket hand is always Legal
  2. Instead of hitting with the rubber, hit with the edge of the bat
  3. Use the handle of the bat

A Few Conditions Must Be Met:

You must hold your racket with one hand only.

In this case, dropping your bat and then hitting the ball with your hand is not possible since your hand now acts as your racket. There is no hand.

It used to be that you weren’t permitted to hit the ball twice, so you would lose a point.

if the ball hit your finger, bounced off your finger, and hit your bat.

In the past, if you hit the ball with your hand and bat simultaneously, it would not be considered a double hit, and the rally would continue.

Umpires often had difficulty telling the difference, as you can imagine.

Recent changes to Law of the ITTF have clarified that a point can only be lost for intentionally hitting the ball twice in a row.

Enforcement of this rule is very straightforward.

A double hit that happens by accident (such as when the ball hits the finger and then hits the racket) is now legal,

so umpires need to be sure to believe it was an accident, not an intentional hit, a positive step.

Tennis Racquets don’t make good comebacks when you throw them on the ball.

It would help if you legally hit the ball with the racket when you strike the ball.

However, you are permitted to hit the ball with the racket by moving it from one hand to the other, as your other hand becomes the racket’s hand.

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