Are Ping Pong Balls Recyclable? – Dispose Or Recycle Tennis Ball In 2023

Ping pong balls can be recycled regardless of whether ping pong balls are made of, ABS plastic, such as the new ping pong balls, or if they are made of celluloid.

The materials are not biodegradable.

Having played table tennis myself, I have occasionally wondered about the recyclability of ping pong balls,

And I think how many others are wondering about the same thing.

You are allowed to recycle ping pong balls, but perhaps you should consider other uses for your old ping pong balls before you recycle them.

There are countless things you can do with ping pong balls.

Your old ping pong balls can be put to better use by creating DIY projects or playing different games. Here are some ideas!

  1. Play Ping Pong bingo
  2. Create clown noses
  3. Paint and display them
  4. For science experiments, use ping pong balls
  5. Use them for DIY crafts
  6. You can play beer pong

The following are some ideas for using old ping pong balls. There is no limit to your creativity.

An old sports ball can be recycled at a recycling center.

You can also dispose of the ball in the appropriate trash can depending on its material.

Unbroken balls can be donated to charities, children nearby, or someone would take them if they are in good condition.

Also, you can do some creative DIY projects with them.

Polyurethane foam has many recycling possibilities due to its thermoplastic composition.

The best way to recycle foam balls is to place them in a dedicated recycling bin.

Foam recycling bins aren’t readily available everywhere, so you can use Berecycled.

Org to find the nearest foam recycling bin based on your zip code.

Are Ping Pong Balls Recyclable?

Are Ping Pong Balls ECO-Friendly?

Yes, ping pong balls are eco-friendly. Ping pong balls are not harmful for the environment and you can easily store and recycle them according to your condition.

The ping pong number ball comes with a storage bucket with compression and extension functions.

The bucket can be used for multiple purposes.

Ping pong ball with a printed pattern is easy to identify and recognize, suitable for ping pong and game ball.

A wide range of printed ping pong balls is available from all manufacturers to meet your needs.

Are Ping Pong Balls Made Of Plastic? (All Types)

In 2014, the official material used for table tennis balls was replaced with plastic, containing no celluloid.

Researchers compared the behavior of two ball materials when they collided with a table to determine how they differed and were similar.

High-speed cameras recorded the behavior of balls at speeds ranging from 15 to 115 km/h as they approached a table and collided.

Plastic ping pong balls were introduced in 2014 after years of research and development by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

The last manufacturer of celluloid balls officially ceased operations in 2020.

Celluloid ping pong balls are flammable, which is why the ITTF wanted to move to plastic balls.

At the time, it was widely discussed and considered a safety hazard worldwide; therefore, all eyes were on ITTF.

Nowadays, ABS-plastic balls replace celluloid balls.

There are three materials for ping pong balls: celluloid, plastic, and sponge foam composite, which I will discuss shortly.

To learn about the various ping pong balls available, check out the reviews I’ve written about them!

1. ABS plastic

Ping pong balls are made from the thermoplastic polymer Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).

Table tennis balls of the “new generation” are made of ABS.

The switch from celluloid to plastic ping pong balls was made due to the easily flammable nature of celluloid.

When there was no risk of fire, storing and logistics became so much easier.

Moreover, ABS plastic balls are usually slightly larger than celluloid balls, 38mm in diameter.

2. Celluloid

This material is used to make toys, jewelry, and old film tapes, and it’s also made from camphor and nitrocellulose.

Celluloid balls are still available, even if they aren’t made anymore, at least the well-known brands.

Celluloid has been used in ping pong balls since the early 1900s.

Ping pong balls made of celluloid are very durable and suitable in all aspects except their flammability,

Which is why they are no longer manufactured so much.

3. Sponge foam composite

Ping pong balls made of sponge foam composite aren’t something you see every day, but they have a particular use.

Ping pong balls are made of this material since it produces less noise than either celluloid or ABS plastic.

If you have a ping pong table at the office or at home where you can’t make noise all the time, sponge foam composite balls would enable you to play ping pong in silence.

Is It Possible To Recycle Plastic Ping Pong Balls?

Yes, ping pong balls are recyclable regardless of their material. Biodegradability is not a feature of either of these materials.

Moreover, you can do many crafty things with ping pong balls,

But is there a way to recycle them more industrially? All plastic waste can be recycled.

Most households collect plastic waste, which is then shredded, sorted by material, and melted to be reused.

Ping pong balls can be recycled without any problems.

What Can You Do With Recycling Ping Pong Balls?

  1. You can create a colorful chandelier.
  2. Decorate table tennis balls with color and unique designs.
  3. A lighted wreath made with plastic balls.
  4. Ping pong balls are used to make Easter and Christmas decorations.
  5. Make your crafts and unique gifts.
  6. You can play beer pong
  7. You can do some science experiment too

Look at some more ideas:

Ping pong balls make great light fixtures, cheap decorations for everyday use, handmade gifts, and plastic recycling ideas are a great way to reuse them.

In addition to recycling plastic, creative crafts and design ideas using recycled materials bring fun into our lives and make our homes look great.

Ping Pong balls are one of these creative ideas.

You can make unique lighting, handmade gifts, and cheap home decor for the holidays and day-to-day.

This is a great way to reuse items and protect the environment.

We can also create some incredible things when we recycle ping pong balls.


Whether the ping pong balls are made of ABS plastic or celluloid, they are recyclable.

Furthermore, there are many more fun things you can do with your old ping pong balls than simply recycling them.

You can now reuse your ping pong balls after you have learned how to recycle them.

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